Author: Manchester Dermatologist

Questions To Ask A Cosmetic Dermatologist

Using skin care tips from the internet or suggestions from friends and family may be helpful at times and cause or deepen skin problems in others. There are many different skin types and skin conditions that may require different care, so what works for one may not work for another.

To Tattoo or not to tattoo

So you’ve noticed that your favourite footballer or cricketer has donned a trendy, colourful tattoo on his arm, or your favourite actor has one on the small of her back, and they look just stunning! Body art is in vogue (again), and you just can’t to have one (or more) yourself? But behind those colourful artistic [...]

Mole Awareness – Spotting the ugly duckling

As summer approaches and the sun comes out of its hibernation, it’s the time of year when we will be taking off the extra layers of clothing to allow the sunshine on our skin. For dermatologists this is a busy time when those funny looking moles grab the attention of patients and their partners. The [...]

Red Nose Day- Time to get rid of that stubborn Rosacea Redness

Very often my patients who have suffered with rosacea for number of years will be distressed at the persistent redness that plagues their noses and cheeks. It is not uncommon for them to have unwelcoming comments and many will have been subjected to perception bias related to excess alcohol intake. Now we know that having [...]