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Dr Vishal Madan. Dermatology Dr Vishal Madan. Dermatology. UK Dermatologist



Case Studies

This gentleman has had vitiligo which affected his confidence in a big way. He stopped swimming as the camouflage cream would wipe off and people would stare at his nose or ask him awkward questions. He came to see Dr Madan after hearing of the ReCell procedure.  The results below are after 4 weeks of the procedure carried out by Dr Madan and 6  Excimer  treatments.

Progressive thickening of skin of nose can leave a bulbous deformity of the tip of nose. People affected by this cosmetic disfigurement often suffer from low self- esteem.  Whilst some people may choose to live with this condition, help is available as Mr BO’C from London discovered.

In Mr BO’C’s own words:

I cannot thank Dr Madan enough for performing the procedure that changed my life. I have gone from having nowhere to go to enjoying life again. As we discussed, I have suffered for the last 10 years from an ever worsening condition medically known at Rhinophyma; my characteristics being a sore large bulbous very red nose. Whilst the medical procedure you performed ended up being the ‘’easy’’ part, it was such a relief to finally meet someone who was knowledgeable of the condition and had an effective, long term, quick treatment to deal with my worsening condition. I spent too many years putting my trust in various clinicians who in hindsight seemed to lack ether the knowledge or the resources to treat the physical issues and unable to empathise with me on the mental agony I was suffering. Too often I was rushed through and prescribed the same, long and ineffective treatment (here are some tablets / lotion, stay indoors and I will see you again in 6 months). Just as useless was my private healthcare provider as my condition is considered “cosmetic” and therefore not covered in the policy. They were uninterested. I even visited a couple of cosmetic surgeons in the end who could not help me. In short I felt completely unsupported and on my own. I came across Dr Madan by chance on the web. He seemed genuine and his website had examples of successful testimonials of similar cases to mine. His prompt responses to my questions, sincerity and knowledge of my condition gave me confidence that there might be a solution. We met for a consultation a week later for an examination. Dr Madan described the procedure which would involve re-modelling my nose using a CO2 laser. It sounded scary and painful but he reassured me that the procedure would take about 40 minutes under Local anaesthetic. The recovery period would be pain free and I would be back home the same day and back to work within 3 weeks. It sounded too easy. 2 weeks later I met Dr Madan at the hospital for the procedure. It was a stress free event. Dr Madan and his nurses were welcoming and 3 injections and 40 minutes later the surgery was complete and my nose was being bandaged up. I was spoken to throughout the procedure reassuring me that it was going well, I felt no pain. I went home the same day and for the next couple of weeks I gently washed my nose under running warm water, each time being careful to dab dry before covering with an ointment and a new bandage. The initial result was fantastic and far exceeded my expectations. It just looked so much better in shape. I had to change the bandage 3 times a day in the beginning as the healing skin is rapidly producing wet yellow cells, but each day this reduced and eventually a scab starts to form. Once the area is dryer you only have to clean and bandage once a day in order to keep the scab clean and moist and therefore avoid any potential infection or scaring. Throughout this recovery period I felt fit and pain free, my nose might have looked badly burnt but strangely there was no pain at all even when I had to put the ointment on. I stayed in mostly during this time with looking forward to walking outside to get a coffee. Three weeks after the procedure I returned to work (bandage free) and everyone said how good I looked. Those close to me stayed mostly quiet and waited for me to approach them (years or avoiding the subject had taught them to not go there) acquaintances said I looked great and asked what had changed (being nice). Best of all, my wife, children and loved ones were thrilled with the results. My nose now just looks like a nose again in shape and size and is no longer red. Amazing Today; several months after surgery I am still amazed with the results. I do not think about it anymore which is unimaginable as it used to dominate my life in such a negative way. I now enjoy having my picture taken, I feel confident meeting new and old friends and I can look at myself in the mirror again. I no longer feel people are staring at me or hear hurtful comments. I am very thankful. For those out there who have being living with this condition, who feel alone and are at your wits end then hopefully my story may encourage you to seek help and support. If you do not want to go private then try and get more of your GP time (not easy) and try to get deferred to a consultant (even harder) Putting my trust in Dr. Vishal Madan was one of the best decisions I have ever made and my only regret is that I did not do it earlier. I don’t blame myself as I found my condition to be generally unappreciated and unsupported by the general medical community and where good advice and options were very difficult to obtain.

Both patients had traumatic injuries leading to scarring on the nose. This affected their confidence. They both underwent laser treatment under the care of Dr Madan. This was carried out under local anaesthetic. The response to laser treatment is evident in after photographs.

Dr Vishal Madan. Dermatology. UK Dermatologist