Rosacea Treatment with VBeam Prima

Rosacea treatment manchester

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes the blood vessels in your face to become visible and your face to appear red or flushed. Patches of small, pus-filled bumps are another common symptom.

Treating Rosacea can be difficult for the sufferer as there’s no known cure to date, however, it is a manageable condition providing you have the right treatment plan. 

The VBeam Prima is the gold-standard of laser treatment, especially for the treatment of rosacea, port tine stains, pigmentation and thread veins.

The VBeam Prima offers a reduction in skin redness as well as dissolving dilated red blood vessels to give the skin an even-looking tone.

What is the VBeam Laser?

The VBeam laser is a pulsed dye laser (PDL), this means that it works by delivering controlled pulses of intense laser light into the skin at specific wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are perfectly calibrated to reduce the appearance of skin redness, dilate troublesome spider veins and also target pigmentation.

A dye is used to make the laser beam different colors, which aims to reduce the look of redness and inflammation.

Will it work for me?

The VBeam laser is a safe and effective solution that is suitable for most patients. It can help treat conditions on the face, neck, and chest with little to no downtime.

Maintenance appointments may be advised every 3-12months following on from treatment, this is to maintain the best results for your skin on a long-term basis.

Treatment Plan

At UK Dermatologist, we will invite you for a consultation before going ahead with the treatment. During this consultation, we will look closely at your skin, discuss your medical history and also any past treatments you’ve had to help the condition.

Once discussed, the dermatologist will be able to advise on a treatment package that is individualized to your specific condition. It may also include one or a range of different treatments that work in combination to offer the best results.


Contact Dr. Vishal Madan to discuss your individualised treatment plan.

Rosacea Treatment with VBeam Prima