VBeam Lasers – What are they and how do they work?

vbeam laser treatment

The VBeam Prima and VBeam Perfecta are the gold standard of pulse dye laser

The Vbeam lasers use an intense beam of light delivered in long pulses.
As a result, it makes it the perfect laser to treat many vascular conditions such

How do the Vbeam lasers work?

The Vbeam works by using an intense beam of light on a targeted area, once this
hits the skin, it begins breaking up and dispersing the red blood cells without
damaging the surrounding area.

One major benefit of the pulse dye laser is that it delivers it’s light gently, making
it a safe but effective treatment.

What does laser treatment feel like?

During treatment, you may feel a warm sensation as the laser passes over the
treatment area. Following on from treatment, the area may be slightly sensitive,
feel warm and slightly swollen. Some patients may experience light bruising,
however this only lasts for two to four days.

The Vbeam lasers are used to treat a variety of indications, face and body, with
high patient tolerability and a low incidence of side effects.

Benefits of V Beam Laser

  • In a clinical study, rosacea symptoms reduced from moderate to mild
  • Difficult-to-treat erythema was reduced from severe to mild
  • 84% of patients had >40% rosacea improvement
  • Minimal adverse side effects reported
  •  94% of rosacea patients reported being very satisfied with results
  • In a clinical study, all scars (100%) treated with the Vbeam PDL showed
    significant improvements in cosmesis

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VBeam Lasers – What are they and how do they work?