Venous lakes

Venous lakes

Venous Lakes: What are the Causes and Symptoms?

Venous lakes are defined as a series of blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin which have become noticeably enlarged over time.

They normally present as dark blue or purple lumps (generally no larger than one centimetre). Most of these vessels will remain flat although a small percentage can exhibit dome-shaped characteristics.

Venous lakes will normally form on sun-exposed areas of the skin. Thus, it is relatively common for venous lake vessels to appear on the lower lips or around the periphery of the ear.

Venous lakes are more common in males and they normally begin to appear after the age of 50. Smoking may also play a contributing factor in the development of venous lakes.

What Venous Lakes Treatment Options are Available?

The good news is that venous lakes are normally not a cause for concern and they cannot be transmitted to others. Still, their visual appearance may warrant that additional steps are taken by a professional dermatologist.

There are several options in terms of venous lakes treatment and removal techniques:

  • Pulsed dye laser or Nd:YAG laser can be used to heat up the underlying blood vessels and to cause them to shrink.
  • Cold point cautery is another option which can be employed.

Both of these options tend to be safe and effective although the exact technique will depend upon the location of the venous lake as well as its overall appearance.

There can be times when the use of cold point cautery can result in slight scarring around the affected area. These venous lakes removal options are targeted solutions and results will normally be seen within a relatively short period of time.

Do you believe that you might have venous lakes? Have you noticed slight discolorations around your lower lip or your ears? If so, it is always wise to speak with a specialist at UK Dermatologist to appreciate your venous lakes removal options.

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